What if you had access to the same coaching, business strategy, and accountability that helped create Chicken Soup for the Soul and Jack Canfield’s career?

Will you be one of the 10 amazing people Patty Aubery personally mentors following Jack Canfield’s Private Mastermind Retreat Fall, 2018 in Santa Barbara, California?

What does this program look like?

4 Days Live in Santa Barbara with Jack Canfield and Patty Aubery

6 Months of Mastermind Calls and Coaching with Patty

2 Days Live at Patty’s Home in Nashville

We know that some visions are just too big to find all the answers during one retreat. Obstacles and new opportunities arise. That’s why Patty Aubery will be with you every step of the way for the 6 months after the retreat with coaching and mastermind sessions.

Patty is looking for 10 amazing people who…

Have a big crazy vision!

Are willing to live outside their comfort zone for 6 months!

Are totally committed to creating life changing results in just 6 months!

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Contact at  patty@pattyaubery.com or use the form below to send an inquiry.