“We’re so grateful for your wisdom, enthusiasm, and insights as we’ve built the Oola publishing brand. Thank you for jumping in with advice, connections, expertise, and keen business sense derived from nearly 30 years at the top of this industry. Your guidance and friendship has been an amazing gift to us.”

Dave Braun & Troy Amdahl

Social-media stars with over one million fans and #1 bestselling authors of Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World

“Patty Aubery brings everything she touches to vibrant life. I have been in corporate America for 20 years and haven’t seen anything quite like her level of strategic planning and sheer marketing talent. A keen listener, she is begins in learning/consultant mode, ready to absorb the goals, direction and best interests of the client, and then when it’s time to create, prepare and launch, she becomes an “idea genius,” a term I have used for her since the day I met her. She has a brilliant mind, a heart of gold, is a powerhouse marketer, and all-around incredible consultant.”

Megan McNealy

First Vice President, Senior Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management

“Patty Aubery is a brilliant outside-the-box thinker who gets you to achieve bigger results faster than you ever imagined possible.  She’s been a wonderful client, business partner, advisor and friend to me over the years.  I can’t say enough about her. Don’t be surprised if she cares more about your success than you do. She’s THAT kind of person.  Whether you need an inspiring speaker or a top level coach, book Patty now!  You’ll be glad you did.”

Steve Harrison

Publicity, Marketing, and Publishing Expert

“When I first met Patty at a retreat in Sedona, it was a transition period in my life. I was not sure of my purpose, but I knew there had to be something more. Not only did Patty believe in me, but by the end of our weekend together she had me believing ANYTHING was possible. I applied everything she taught me and within one year I became a successful Life Coach, #1 Bestselling Children’s Book Author and International Speaker. Patty is simply brilliant. Her business expertise is unparalleled. As a result of what I learned, I was able to up-level my life in every area. She taught me to think big, and then bigger again. Patty changed my life and I am forever grateful.”

Kate Butler

#1 Best Selling Author, Success Coach, and Inspirational Speaker

“Patty is the BEST!  I’ve known, and worked with her, for over 20 years and she is one of the few people I trust for advising my students!  She is completely integrity based and comes from the heart because she truly wants to make a positive difference in the lives of others!

Patty has presented numerous times at my Big Money Speaker live events and we even had her come to my house several times to share her brilliance with my students in small, intimate masterminds!  Every time, my students RAVE about her!

Personally, I’ve learned so much from Patty as she is a brilliant businesswoman. But more importantly, she is a great person who truly cares for others!

If you’re ready to take your life and business to higher levels of improvement and continuous growth, then you must work with my friend Patty Aubery!  She focuses on getting you rapid results by getting you laser focused, cutting you through all of the clutter and inspiring you to produce outcomes in all areas of your life!

Do yourself a favor and work with Patty today!  You’ll be so grateful you did!”

James Malinchak

America's #1 Big Money Speaker®Trainer™ and Featured on ABC's Hit TV Show, "Secret Millionaire"

“Patty Aubery is a true visionary and inspiring leader.  Patty’s brilliance is profound, but her ability to see the possibility in people they do not always see in themself, is her true gift.  Patty shows people the path to living life in their true purpose and inspires them to change course to live life “full out”.  Patty has taught me some of my greatest lessons and paved the way for me to move from possibility to probability.

Patty sees the golden essence in people and is able to help each person identify their unique gifts.  She is a master at developing techniques and strategies on how to bring that gift forth in the world to move from a life of status quo to a life of greatness and purpose.

I will be forever grateful for the gifts Patty has shared with me and the encouragement she gave me to take the next step to launch my training and coaching company The Defining Difference.  I am very grateful for Patty Aubery and her willingness to share her heart so fully and for believing in me when I did not always believe in myself.  She is an extraordinary business leaders and strategists and has definitely made a defining difference in my life.”

Cindy Ertman

Founder of The Defining Difference

“Patty can quickly make any problem you have into an opportunity. We all have problems, and most people you talk to give advice, but their advice isn’t great. Patty’s advice is excellent and if you follow it, it will work out for you!”

Lee Romanov

President of Income Activator

“Not only is Patty Aubery my business partner and president of my companies, for the past 25 years she’s also been my sounding board, confidante and closest friend. From those early days typing the first Chicken Soup for the Soul stories to building a hugely successful company that has expanded my impact worldwide, Patty has guided my career, advanced these teachings, and held a vision of my work that is bigger and bolder than anything I could have dreamed myself. Words cannot express my gratitude for her endless energy, selfless focus and lifelong dedication to this work.”

Jack Canfield

America’s #1 success coach and coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series selling over 500 million copies in 49 languages

“Patty Aubrey’s coaching has transformed my life in unimaginable and miraculous ways. Her vision and support unlocked my deepest fears and inspired me to go after things I would have never thought possible. Patty is an intuitive dynamo who has an uncanny ability to inspire greatness in all who cross her path.”
Cathy Byrd