About Patty.

As President of The Canfield Training Group, she has not only overseen the growth of the publishing industry’s first billion-dollar brand in Chicken Soup for the Soul®, but she’s also created a multi-million dollar training company around the success principles of author Jack Canfield. From his early days as an emerging self-esteem expert to a becoming a world-renowned public figure as America’s #1 Success Coach, Patty Aubery has been the guiding force—overseeing every deal and watching literally millions of people access the training and insights Mr. Canfield has to offer.

During the heyday of Chicken Soup for the Soul, she managed the publication of more than 200 titles in 49 languages—and became a New York Times bestselling author in her own right, producing such blockbuster titles as Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul, Chicken Soup for the Working Women’s Soul, Chicken Soup for the Sister’s Soul, and even Chicken Soup for the Beach Lovers Soul.

She helped build a licensing division that spanned retail merchandise in dozens of categories including greeting cards, collectibles—even pet food. And, she played a primary role in the globalization of The Canfield Training Group, eventually expanding its live training and coaching programs to 108 countries—including preparing thousands of emerging success trainers for professional careers in the transformational field.

As the chief negotiator, rainmaker, developer, manager and champion of Jack Canfield’s career and companies, there isn’t a project, program, idea, opportunity, market or career move Patty Aubery doesn’t know intimately.  In addition to her executive experience and powerhouse  Contact List, she has also lived the dream of many as a published author, media personality, executive mom, world traveler, avid meditator and lifestyle expert extraordinaire.

She is now dedicated to bringing that experience to women entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and corporate employees through live events, retreats, women’s summits and speaking engagements that teach audiences and small groups the principles of success and strategic career planning.

Did you know?

Patty has lived the dreams of many as a published author, media professional, executive Mom, world traveler, avid meditator and lifestyle connoisseur.  She is now dedicated to taking that experience and facilitating Women’s Summits where she speaks to women entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and corporate employees on the principles of success and strategic planning.

But here are some things you may not know about Patty:

  • She was the shyest kid in her family
  • She almost died at 3 years old
  • She peed her pants in front of her entire 1st grade class at the chalk board
  • She was an average student
  • She was born in LA and didn’t go far
  • She was part of the first busing initiative to integrate black and white kids
  • She moved to Granada Hills on her 8th birthday and her parents thought they didn’t need to buy her something else
  • She graduated high school with ease, but was far from the top of the class
  • She always said she would have a secretary who would type for her
  • She hated English. It was her worst subject!
  • She dated an English professor to get through freshman English in college
  • She may have even acted like she liked her Economics professor to pass his class
  • She was 168 pounds after her first semester at SDSU with a GPA of 1.8
  • She always had a job and worked hard, she was just not interested in school
  • She got married at 23 and again at 26
  • She answered an ad in the LA Times: Secretary wanted, 25K a year. She took it and it changed her life forever
  • 20 years later, she has published 230 Chicken Soup titles, 14 of her own, been a best selling author, and traveled to 6 of the 7 continents of the world
  • She was voted Best Eyes and Most Likely Not to Succeed …